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J.J. Watt mocks Zach Mettenberger's selfies with sack celebration

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If you're an opposing QB and you're playing J.J. Watt, you should spend an entire week doing and saying nothing. He will find you. He will find you and hurt you.

This week, Zach Mettenberger took a selfie about how excited he was to be an NFL starting quarterback!

It's good to be excited about your career success! The problem is J.J. Watt saw that selfie, and made sure he'd make Mettenberger pay:


If he'd had a phone, Mettenberger would've been lying in the background of this selfie. Brutal.

After the game, he explained the celebration thusly:

Don't anger J.J. Watt. Don't do anything that could even potentially anger J.J. Watt.

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