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Even the Sixers' website doesn't know who's on the Sixers

That's the wrong basketball-playing Outlaw pictured on the Sixers' roster, It's... you know what, don't worry about it.

Can you spot what's wrong in the picture above, taken from's official Philadelphia 76ers' roster? That's right! Ronald Roberts is not a real basketball player, and is instead the winner of the Sixers' "Get In The Game" promotion, in which Philadelphia-area fans are selected at random, signed to partially guaranteed contracts and forced into action against the Milwaukee Bucks during depressing January losses!

Also there is a picture, at top left, of Bo Outlaw, who is 43 years old and hasn't played in the NBA since the '07-08 season. Bo Outlaw is not on the Philadelphia 76ers.

It's always tough to say with the Sixers, but that is probably supposed to be a picture of Travis Outlaw, whom Philadelphia acquired from the Knicks on Monday afternoon in an anti-blockbuster trade that also brought a second round pick -- the team's 108th in the next four seasons -- to the Sixers.

This is not to say that Bo Outlaw -- who seems very much like the sort of person who is dunking enthusiastically on overmatched dentists in a rec league somewhere -- would be out of place on this roster. He could probably start for the Sixers at the four tomorrow if they asked. But, to reiterate, Bo Outlaw is not on the Sixers' roster. Not yet.

Sometime soon, but most likely right after corrects the page with the correct image of the correct Outlaw, the Sixers are expected to cut Travis Outlaw. And so the Sixers' epic ongoing prank-war against everyone working at -- and the rest of the NBA, and everyone else -- continues.

UPDATE: Credit where it's due: the Sixers acted quickly to correct the many mistakes on their website. The current roster, correct as of Monday night, is below:

Much Better, Sixers