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One fan thought Liverpool's 95th minute goal cost him £11,000

He was so close.

Gareth Copley

Patrick McConnell went to Ladbrokes and laid down a six-match parlay, which was a good way of saying he was not going to win. That is probably why he only bet £2, but theoretically, let's say he won. He would win £11,000.

The first match went his way. So did the second, third, fourth and fifth. If Liverpool and Swansea would just draw, he would win.

Swansea led, 1-0, but then Mario Balotelli scored and the match was left at 1-1. Patrick looked like he was golden as the match entered stoppage time still level. The match went all the way to the 95th minute at 1-1, then Dejan Lovren ruined it all.

He scored right at the death, earning Liverpool a 2-1 win and ruining Patrick's bet.

Poor guy. At least he's a Liverpool fan and can take solace in his team winning. Or he could have £11,000.

UPDATE: Turns out he'd already lost and Liverpool's goal wasn't the difference. He just didn't know what he actually bet on.