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'Let's go Royals' chant breaks out right after KC loses World Series

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Royals fans should -- and do -- feel proud of their team's miraculous run even after a nail-biting World Series Game 7 ended in defeat, and a big "Let's go Royals" chant broke out in Kauffman Stadium moments after the final out:

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Royals fans cheering "Let's go Royals" despite loss to Giants in the World Series.

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That's a strong farewell from a fanbase that was so fun to root along with throughout Kansas City's wild postseason run. Doesn't mean the narrow loss was any less deflating. You can practically hear the stadium deflate on the final out:

Congratulations to the Giants. Madison Bumgarner just made history #WorldSeries #Game7

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And they kept going. This Vine is from about a half hour after the game ended:

Great run, Royals. And you too, Royals fans.