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Madison Bumgarner fails to chug beers, is a huge disappointment

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Sure, Madison Bumgarner's incredible World Series performance will go down as one of the best in history. But when the fans needed him most, he failed us.

Ezra Shaw

Madison Bumgarner won the World Series for the Giants. His performance is the stuff of legend: Three appearances, 21 innings, just one run, a preposterous 0.43 ERA and just 17 strikeouts while allowing only 11 batters to reach base. His 0.25 ERA across three World Series is a record for the best all-time. With three stellar outings in just eight days, he earned his World Series MVP and his place in Giants lore.

But what's disappointing is what happened after the game.

As you might remember, Bumgarner chugged four beers after the Giants' wild card win. He chugged five after their NLDS win. He chugged six after their NLCS win. Every baseball fan on the planet expected to see Bumgarner lift seven beers to his face and pour them into the vague region of his mouth, spilling them mainly over his shirt while consuming only a few sips. Twitter was in a frenzy:

But the game ended ... and no Bumgarner chugging pictures came. The only evidence we have of Bumgarner consuming any beverage after the game is this image of him calmly sipping on a Budweiser:

It is only one Budweiser, and he seems to be enjoying it, rather than pretending his chin is on fire and beer is the only substance that can put it out.

Bumgarner's performance was masterful. But his postgame effort was a shadow of the greatness we were expecting. For as clutch as he was on the field, Madison Bumgarner failed to show up when it counted most off it.