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Poor nervous Chevy Guy giving the MVP trophy to Madison Bumgarner is nervous

We feel for you, Chevy Guy. We feel for you. (Video via @GoldAndOrSmith)

Every time someone wins a trophy, some middle manager at a sponsor company gets to present somebody with an award. This is how sports work. We do not know why.

However, we can't recall seeing somebody quite as shook as Chevy Guy. He stumbled and bumbled and sweated and said that the new Chevy Colorado has "technology and stuff." And everybody on Twitter made fun of him.

Googling his name reveals he's a native Kansan, which means there's a good chance he's a Royals fan. He's on stage with longtime MLB commissioner Bud Selig (who could not stop making awkward gestures), TV professional Erin Andrews, and the guy who just dominated the Royals. If he's actually a Royals fan, we're not surprised he failed to keep composure for a few moments. We'd probably be bawling.

Anyway, everybody on Twitter proceeded to make fun of Chevy Guy. We're sorry, Chevy Guy. You didn't deserve this.