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Brian Hoyer leads Browns locker room dance party after biggest road comeback in NFL history

A new NFL record means DANCE, BRIAN HOYER, DANCE!

The Browns trailed 28-3 against the Titans, and considering they'd lost their last seven road games, things seemed pretty bleak. But Brian Hoyer rallied them back, as the team ran off 26 straight points culminating with this strike to Travis Benjamin:


It seems amazing, but the 25-point rally is actually the largest road comeback in the 90-plus year history of the league:

You know what that means, right?



Man! #2014 #CadiacKids #WeTooLive

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That video, posted by Phil Taylor to Instagram, is the whole damn squad getting down to Pastor Troy's 2002 jam "Throw it Up." Although everybody on the squad is going absolutely nuts -- -- Jim Leonhard is doing nonsense with his hands! Joe Thomas is dancing with athletic tape! -- everybody only wants to focus on Hoyer's goofy booty-dropping.