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The only TD of the Jets' horrible, horrible day didn't count

The Jets *almost* scored, but the thing they did to score was very much against the rules.

Nothing went well for the Jets today. They were outgained 439-151, and that's only because of garbage time yardage. Close to the end of the game, they had 23 passing attempts that netted 34 yards. They ran one offensive play in enemy territory before the fourth quarter. They let Philip Rivers eviscerate them through the air.

However, trailing by four scores in the game's waning minutes, they had a chance to score. They drove down to the five-yard line. However, after a false start and some negligible offensive plays, they ended up on third-and-goal at the 11-yard-line... and then this happened:


For a second, it looked like Vick had recorded the Jets' first points of the day. But of course, it wasn't to be: he crossed the line of scrimmage, and this was a penalty and loss of down. There was some debate as to whether Vick's entire body went across the line of scrimmage, but it seemed like he did, if just by a smidgen, before crossing back behind, which, well, doesn't make it legal.

They ended with no points, the first shutout of the NFL season. Geno Smith went 4-for-12 with 27 yards, before being subbed out for Vick. Starting 1-for-10, Vick wound up a still-hideous 8-for-19 with 47 yards. Nothing worked. Nothing deserved to work. This was gross, and this not-TD was the perfect ending.