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The Raiders buried a perfectly good football

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The 0-4 Raiders have a new head coach in Tony Sparano, and Sparano wants to put those first four games behind them. He busted out the buried-football gimmick:

(via Dane Carbaugh)

As points out, Sparano isn't the first coach to bury a ball for symbolism. He's in pretty good company:

Yes, this has been done before. Bill Belichick might have been the first coach to "bury the ball" after a New England Patriots loss early in their 2001 Super Bowl season. Rex Ryan pulled the same stunt after Belichick's Patriots whipped the New York Jets on national television in December 2010. That Jets team went on to beat the Pats in the playoffs and advanced to the AFC Championship Game.

It's cute, but yo, that's a good football! Someone would like to have that! Who wants to help me determine the location of the burial site, go on a treasure hunt, then dig up the ball and donate to a child who wants a football only to discover it's a ZOMBIE FOOTBALL that must be defeated with zany adventures?