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Ole Miss fans raise $75k to pay SEC fine, build new goalposts in 4 hours

So many people signed up to pay $500 for a piece of Ole Miss' goalposts, they actually had to make the pieces smaller.

Joe Murphy

Rushing the field after Ole Miss' huge upset win over Alabama had its costs. The SEC fined the school $50,000 for allowing the field rush (it's a safety hazard) and new goalposts are expensive. So the school put up a fundraising website for fans to pay for the mess they made:

In less than four hours, they'd raised that -- and then some.


What's impressive to me isn't that they raised the total so fast, it's how people donated. This wasn't a bunch of people donating five bucks -- 142 people gave at that level -- it was a bunch of people giving a lot of money. The school planned to give away 50 three-inch sections of post for $500 donations, but had to increase the amount after initial demand. (They also sold 10 six-inch sections for $1,000.) So that's $45,000 right there. The school listed the value of new goalposts at $11,000 a pop, so they actually made money off the posts getting brought down.

We had followed the goalposts' paths through Oxford on Saturday night. If you're one of the people who paid for a goalposts piece,we have suggestions on how to use it. There is no word on how much the Sigma Chis who brought the posts into their apartment are making.