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Pitt kicker Chris Blewitt misses potential game-winning FG, makes the joke okay

Yes. His last name is Blewitt. And Pitt lost because he missed this field goal. He ... (sigh) blew it.

Chris Blewitt is a kicker for Pitt. He is a very good kicker, most of the time! He was 9 of 10 on kicking attempts this year, with his only miss a 38-yarder blocked against Virginia Tech. However, his last name is "Blewitt," which leads to things like skits on Jimmy Kimmel about his last name. He had a 26-yarder to potentially win the game against Duke, and ... he ...

He blew it.


(This is just a sampling of the many Blewitt jokes. There were thousands. We just grabbed from the middle.)

Pitt would lose 51-48 in double overtime, which it could've avoided had Blewitt hit the kick.