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Spectators freak out as boat race goes awry

I have no idea what happened at the Snowflake Regatta. I can't make sense of what's happening with the boats -- it seems from the responses like some of them aren't even part of the race -- so let's enjoy this through the ruthless screaming of spectators:

"She, like, flew out of the boat, right?"

"You ruined it for them!"

"Keep rowing!"

"Come on! Move! Move! Let's go! Row!"

"Back it up! Get off the race course!"

"Get out of the way!"

"They're gonna hit you, too!"

"Back up right now!"

"Watch out, that's a race boat in front of you!"

"Stop! Stop!"

(just shrieking)

"Wait wait wait!"

"I hope you got this. You got it all? You need to send that to Ridiculousness"

"Oh no! Again!"

"This is worse than [inaudible. Dominos?]"

"There needs to be a boat down here."

"Move out! Move out! We're still racing! Move out!"

"Move! Move! Just keep getting out! Get out!"

(via Deadspin)