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Who wants to own Not the Nets!

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nets is not a site, though it probably should be. If you try to visit the site today you'll be redirected to an eBay listing with a current price tag of $90,000, but Jane and John Hill want a lot more -- like $5 million more.

It's a figure the team has rejected, telling the New York Times they wont pay seven figures for the rights to the domain.

"Our website is, and our fans know this is our site," said Barry Baum, a team spokesman. "Brooklyn Nets is our brand, and we have no interest in, despite the shameful efforts of the registrant to attempt to sell us this domain name for seven figures."

Is this opportunistic or shameful? Based on the Nets roster it's hard to tell. Here's the Top 5 players on the roster paid in domains.

  • Joe Johnson: 4.63 domains
  • Deron Williams: 3.95 domains
  • Brook Lopez: 3.14 domains
  • Kevin Garnett: 2.4 domains
  • Jarret Jack: 1.26 domains
It seems they've got the money, if they really want it.