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Metta World Peace is playing in stuffed-animal sneakers

If you're wondering why he would do this, you need to get to know Metta World Peace.

There is an explanation for why the basketballing performance artist once known as Metta World Peace is wearing sneakers with plush pandas attached to them during his games in the Chinese Basketball League.

It is not strictly a rational explanation, in the sense that it begins with MWP changing his name to The Panda's Friend, and extends to include his introduction of a personalized sneaker line featuring non-detachable teddy bear accents. But there is in fact an explanation for how the 2004 NBA Defensive Player of the Year came to play in games that count while wearing sneakers that have bobbling stuffed animals bouncing around on them.

What is best about Metta World Peace, though, is that no explanation is necessary. This is just what he's doing now. Enjoy it.