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Dwight Howard bricks dunk so hard, laughs it off

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How can you miss a point blank dunk? Let Dwight Howard show you.

Dwight Howard is an elite NBA center. He's also a big goof ball, and after bricking a wide-open dunk so hard it bounced 20' into the air, all he could do was laugh about it:

I mean, really, what can ya' do besides throw your arms in the air and ask why?


(h/t @Cjzero)

Here are a few answers as to why this happened to you, Dwight:

1. You wear two arm sleeves. Never wear two arm sleeves.

2. You once ate a cookie off of your face without using your hands, and timed it.

3. Kobe Bryant put a curse on you.

4. It's Mexico City and anything goes in Mexico City NBA games.

5. You blocked the living daylights out of Andrew Wiggins and that just wasn't nice: