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Brandon Marshall challenges Twitter jerk to a fight

Saying horrible things to an athlete is all good -- until they actually see it.

Meet This Guy, who decided to write some mean things to Brandon Marshall on Instagram:

Oddly, This Guy wasn't satisfied just being mean on Marshall's Instagram page, where Marshall hasn't posted for two months. So he wrote to Marshall on Twitter, where he's more active, seemingly to draw attention to the mean things on Instagram. It worked, but came with a consequence:

Yes, Brandon Marshall wanted to fight him. And was willing to pay $5,000 to do so. Marshall quickly upped the ante:

Except This Guy wanted to raise the stakes even higher:

We'd love to tell you if This Guy responded, but he made his account private, meaning we can't see any of his tweets. Presumably Marshall can't either, so we imagine the fight is off.

That's right. This guy really wanted to say mean things to athletes, but then the athlete actually saw it, and then he had to go hide.

Was it professional for Marshall to challenge some fan to a fight for money? No! Of course not! That said, this should serve as a lesson. Don't say horrendous things to pro athletes. They might see it. And if they do, you will probably be made to look like a bad person/coward, and those are not good things to look like.


Mr. This Guy has now unhidden his profile:

So, This Guy appears to have his heart set on fighting a 6'4, 230-pound professional athlete. We'll see how that pans out. It should also be noted that This Guy is extremely proud of getting his 15 minutes of fame from calling somebody's mom a whore on the Internet.