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Philly TV station steamrolls cheese, pictures of Packers

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FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

In the pantheon of dumb local news stuff, this might be the dumbest. They're crushing cheese because Wisconsin, get it? Do you get it? Do ya? This is what voodoo is like in Philly, we suppose. A few things here, gang.

  • Whose decision was it to play Jay Z's 99 Problems in the background? Are you saying the Packers aren't one?
  • "We've got stinky, gooey brie on most of these." Brie is not an inherently stinky cheese. Maybe this is Camembert and you got confused, but outside of the rind there's nothing even remotely smelly about brie. It's also delicious.
  • Kudos to host Mike Jerrick, who predicts a 51-31 win by the Eagles. A score that has never happened in the NFL ... ever.
  • "LET'S STEAMROLL THIS CHEESE! LOOKOUT!" is a sentence nobody has spoken in the breadth of human existence, bravo.
  • Who yelled "Go, go, go go!" at a steamroller? This isn't a vehicle known for its speed. Also why are you so desperate to see this happen when it took two minutes to set up the gag?