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Kansas is beating TCU, because crazy things are happening

Kansas -- KANSAS! -- is beating No. 4 TCU because of plays like this.

TCU made the play. TCU made the play! They got this ball tipped into the air! But they couldn't stop Nigel King from making a 78-yard tip drill tiptoe touchdown:

(GIF via Fox Sports 1)


King managed to tip the ball up into the air two or three times to himself, managed to keep his feet from going out of bounds, and since all the defenders were, you know, behind him, he was able to sprint the 78 yards to paydirt.

It's better in slo-mo:


Kansas now leads TCU -- the No. 4 team in the country! -- 27-17, and just recovered a fumble on the kickoff, forced by the kicker:


This would be the biggest upset of the college football year.