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Floyd Mayweather bought his son a Bentley golf cart for his birthday

He's 15, so he can't drive a real car, but at least he can cruise around in a Bentley.

Floyd Mayweather's 15-year-old had a simple wish for his 15th birthday: A Bentley golf cart. (Isn't a Bentley golf cart all any 15-year-old wants?) So Floyd made it happen.

So he can cruise around the links in a Bentley until he's old enough to drive.

Bentley obviously doesn't make golf carts, but people have been known to modify golf carts like this, for some reason. Lil Wayne's friend even rapped about it! It looks likethey'd run for $15-20,000, judging from other customization options.

The divot-replacement sand bottles look a bit out of place next to all the Bentley stuff, though.