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Gonzaga student hits luckiest half-court shot in history

Off the top of the backboard, about 15 feet above the rim ... and in. Swish.

Gonzaga had a student shoot a shot at halftime from halfcourt as part of a contest. We thought there were three possible results here. Either the person nails it, they miss it barely, or they miss it by a whole ton and we laugh. We'd never seen this one before:

The thing about a half-court shot is that it has to pretty much swish or maybe hit the backboard right above the net to go in. It's thrown so hard that if it hits any part of the rim, it's probably going to clang away with a lot of force. But this one hits the very top of the backboard (like a Ben Wallace shot), hits it at exactly the right angle that it goes up at about an 89 degree angle about 15 feet in the air, and then falls perfectly down into the rim.

He gets $500 -- a pretty nice haul, although not nearly as much as this deserved -- and it looks like he's gonna spend it wisely: