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Hacked Cam Newton Twitter is better than real Cam Newton Twitter

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When it rains, it pours for Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. He's getting obliterated on the field, now his Twitter account isn't safe.

Hacked Cam Newton also said his fantasy team sucks, and tweeted "smh" which are all real things that he could be going through. One thing is sure: Fake Cam Newton Twitter is better than real Cam Newton Twitter, seen below.

The good news is Cam Newton got his Twitter back in the end.

Update: Nope, the hacker has not been fully vanquished. Even after the problem got taken care of, Newton's account is tweeting silliness. It's kinda wonderful watching the deleters trying to keep up with the tweeter:



And then the hacker quit impersonating and made the inevitable turn toward self promotion:




As of 5:37 PM EST, the account isn't even deleting new tweets anymore.

Update: The account is finally suspended, but not before:


UPDATE: On Wednesday, the truth may have come out.


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