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ESPN brought us inside Bill Walton's backyard tepee

Inside he reads to his dog about college basketball. He does not take indoor showers, because he never takes indoor showers.

Bill Walton is calling Utah-San Diego State, which is amazing, because it means Bill Walton is calling a college basketball game and asking his broadcast partner if he's ever been to Austria and stuff like that. It's also great because it means Walton was able to show the ESPN crew in town to broadcast the game around his house, which features an enormous outdoor tepee.

"My goodness! Levon! This magazine doesn't even have UCLA in the top five in the Pac-12! Can you believe it?"

Anyway, all we got on the broadcast is Bill chatting with his pup, but some ESPN folks tweeted out images from the tour of the tepee Monday night:

Walton also told us that he doesn't shower indoors:

Every Bill Walton game is a treasure.