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Niagara women's basketball team rescued from snowed-in bus after 24 hours

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In the wee hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning, the Niagara women's basketball team's bus got stuck in a snowstorm headed home from Pittsburgh. They spent more than 24 hours stuck in place on the New York State Thruway.

During that time, they've been taking selfies:

They've been praying:

They've been on CNN:

Kids, too:

They've run out of food and water after doing their best to ration it:

First responders came to replenish them:

They've kept their spirits up. Via the AP:

"They really have been great, there's been no complaining at all. They've been joking around, I want a steak, I want a soft taco, a Slurpee," she said. "There's definitely nothing in the coaching handbook to prepare you for this. I'm sure when it's all done we'll look back at it and remember how great a bonding experience it was. For now I think everyone just wants to get home and sleep in their own beds."

And they understand they've got it better than some others on the road with them. Head coach Kendra Faustin:

After more than 24 hours, they've finally been rescued early Wednesday morning.