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Kings player distracts J.J. Redick from the bench by screaming at him

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This appears to be Sacramento Kings reserve Ryan Hollins shouting at a wide-open J.J. Redick from the bench on a pivotal wide-open three that would have given the Clippers the lead with just over two minutes remaining. The Kings broadcasters noted that Redick almost never misses that shot. Perhaps Hollins' yelling was why.

We point this out for a couple reasons:

  1. It's common: Something like this happens at least once a night, if not more. Usually, it's on wide-open corner threes because they are closer to the opposing team's bench, thereby allowing the player (or coach) to sabotage more discretely.
  2. It's hilarious: OK, perhaps slightly less hilarious if it's a head coach. But don't you like knowing that NBA players do the exact same thing we do when we don't want to play defense in a pick-up game?
The miss proved pivotal in the Kings' 98-92 victory. Give Ryan Hollins the game ball.