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Nebraska fan has aggressive Cornhuskers-shaped hair/scalp

We see fans with sports-themed hair from time to time. But this guy went above and beyond.

Here's someone with Big Red and the phrase GO BIG RED shaved into their hair at Nebraska-Minnesota. Two things that stand out about this.

1. This is at an outdoor stadium in November

We see people go to basketball games and the like with hair, but it's late fall in the heartland. It takes dedication to not wear a hat.


This guy got the phrase "Go Big Red" shaved into the top of his scalp. Nobody will see this unless this guy cranes his neck specifically to show people, which I imagine he does quite a bit. Most sports hair is on the sides of the head. Shaving into the top of the head alters your ability to grow normal-ish hair once you're done with your sports hair. That, too, is dedication.

Between this guy and Mr. Diseased Corn, Nebraska fans are showing out today.