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Mike Smith has lost the support of Atlanta's strip clubs industry

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Lose the fans, fine. Lose the players, fine. Lose the strip clubs? You're history.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

For what seems like the 20th time, Mike Smith mismanaged the clock and allowed the Falcons to lose. With the team setting up for a game-winning field goal, he called a timeout with 55 seconds left, then his OC called a long a pass, which fell incomplete. That left 44 seconds for the Browns to drive the field for a game-winning score, which they did.

And now Atlanta's strip clubs have seen enough:

If you're unfamiliar with the Clermont, it has a Wikipedia page and a Bubba Sparxxx song. To quote our Atlanta-based college football editor Jason Kirk: "This is the fun-lovin', everybody's-neat strip club. It's hard to get on the Clermont's bad side." This came after a lengthy editorial discussion about whether the Clermont is Atlanta's most famous strip club. Magic City has still not tweeted about Mike Smith's job status.