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James Harden sold his amazing flop by shoving Tyson Chandler

James Harden really is the best/worst.

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James Harden is one of the best salesmen in the NBA, and this foul by Tyson Chandler looked relatively serious in real-time. But upon further review we see that the Maverick merely tapped Harden on the forehead ... which makes Harden's reaction all the more hilarious.

Yes, Harden sold the lovetap by shoving Tyson Chandler in the back. Which, first: why do you have a death wish, James Harden? And second, what an amazing sales job. When you go shoving a 7-footer after a foul, the focus immediately shifts to that and the question becomes "was that a dirty play?" No one is even thinking "did Harden flop again?" It's an amazing wrinkle on the art of the flop.

In case you think this is an optical illusion, the standard angle in slow-motion reveals that while it's probably a foul nothing here justifies Harden's reaction, which means the shove was part of the sales job or Harden has a terrible time telling when he's actually been fouled hard.

Thanks to for alerting us to this brewing floptoversy.


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