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Ohio State fans covering every 'M' on campus for Michigan week

Reasons why I love my school... The best week of the year Beat ❌ichigan week!

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Ohio State students are ready for their game against Michigan. Monday (or should I say "Onday") was marked with the covering of every letter "M" fans could find. It should be noted that the school isn't removing letters from the stadium -- that's fake. It doesn't mean there aren't some hilarious M-removals, however.

"Axiu Clearance"

Every M on campus is crossed out!

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"Ason Hall"

"Atheatics Tower"

Start off Beat *ichigan week right by ordering so*e good food to reward yourself for not going to that school up north! #gobucks

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Good luck reading this ap

Muck Fichigan. #osu

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Hate leads to suffering...

No better week on ca❌pus! #BuckeyeNation

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Just call it the aquatic center from now on

"The departent of astronoy" sound dope

There's no update from Columbus on whether M&M's have been removed from vending machines.