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Louisville held Savannah State scoreless for 16 minutes, went up 29-0

Louisville is the No. 3 team in the nation per Ken Pomeroy's rankings. Savannah State is No. 293. This is what happens when they play.

29-0 is not a score you see often in basketball. But here you go:

Eventually, the Tigers did score:

But their box score still looked like vomit:

This wasn't just bad shooting: Louisville did not play down to the level of their opponent even a little bit. The Cardinals blocked five shots, so one in every four Savannah State took, and forced a 10-second violation and a shot clock violation when up 27-0. (Yes, they were playing the full-court press up 27-0. No, that's not nice.

Savannah State's two field goals in a half isn't an NCAA record... and one of the teams that only had one is also Savannah State, who only scored four points in the first half of an 85-25 loss to Kansas State in 2008.