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Evgeni Malkin celebrates Marc-Andre Fleury's 300th win by calling him awful

Congrats, teammate, on your big accomplishment. It amazes me, because you are so bad.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Someone asked Evgeni Malkin how he felt about Marc-Andre Fleury, his longtime teammate winning his 300th career game. How does he feel? Surprised, because MARC-ANDRE FLEURY IS TERRIBLE.

"I score every practice, ten goals. Every shootout, I score on him. How he wins 300, I don't know. It surprises me."

We imagine Malkin is just teasing, but he doesn't sound like it. He sounds dead serious. He sounds like he has no possible way of comprehending how someone he bests with such ease can be considered good. He sounds like a superhero, finally fed up with mere mortals' inability to exist on his level. (Still, probably just teasing.)