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Joe Maddon has introductory Cubs press conference in sports bar, drinks beer, buys crowd a round

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You could say being the Cubs' manager is driving Joe Maddon to drink, or you could say he's just embracing the boozy Wrigley Field experience.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Today was Joe Maddon's official introduction to the Chicago Cubs, his first press conference as the team's manager. For most, this is an opportunity to make a good first impression by being completely professional and deadly serious. Not if you're Joe Maddon, though.

1. Joe Maddon held his press conference at The Cubby Bear.

If you're a Cubs fan, you know the Cubby Bear. If you're not: Wrigley Field's entrance is at the northeast corner of Addison and Clark. The Cubby Bear is the bar at the southwest corner of Addison and Clark. In a neighborhood filled with drinking spots, it's the one most associated with the Cubs. Many found this funny:

To be fair, there was a good reason for the locale: Wrigley Field is undergoing renovations, so they couldn't hold it there. But still.

2. Joe Maddon drank a beer during the press conference

3. Joe Maddon offered to buy everybody a beer and a shot

First he offered to buy a round, but then he made it specific that he wanted to buy everybody "a shot and a beer," saying it was "the Hazleton way," referencing the small Pennsylvania town from which he hails.

No word on whether anybody took him up on the offer.

4. Joe Maddon dressed like a cool messy dad

As you can see here.