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Reggie Wayne cries during beautiful trumpet national anthem, explains why wonderfully

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Chris Botti's rendition of the national anthem was gorgeous enough to move Reggie Wayne to tears.

The national anthem is played at every sporting event we watch, and too often, we see those called upon to sing it try to steal the spotlight. Instead of letting the focus be on a beautiful song about a great country, they try to make it about them. You know what I mean -- the "o'er the land of the freeeEEEEEEEEEEEEE (glass breaks) and the hooome of the brayayayayayaaaaaaayyyyyayayave" type of stuff.

Chris Botti's trumpet rendition at Giants-Colts didn't do that. It was understated, yet powerful, a beautiful rendition that moved Colts WR Reggie Wayne to tears.

After the Colts blew out the Giants, he explained how the emotions got to him:

Be proud of your emotions, and be proud of your farts, and you'll live a rich life.