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Kenneth Faried, DeMarcus Cousins, and Rudy Gay execute the triple flop

This isn't *actually* three players flopping at the same time. It appears to be some sort of interpretative dance. But we couldn't figure out what else to call it.

This is hypnotic, and we can't stop watching it. At the exact same instant in time, Kenneth Faried, DeMarcus Cousins,and Rudy Gay flail their arms wildly into the air, and we can't figure out why.


Did an acting instructor tell them to pretend a grenade went off? Are they trying out to be in this piece of stock photography that came up when I just google image searched "backup dancers?"

So far as we can tell, Cousins and Faried are banging on the block when Rudy Gay walks into them for no reason and causes an explosion. But we prefer to imagine the grenade one.

Here's what it would look like if a bowling ball took out the trio.