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Jason Kidd challenges Mikhail Prokhorov to play him 1-on-1

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd really wants to make it seem like he's not affected by Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov's biting comments regarding his messy departure from Brooklyn, but we don't believe him. Via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, emphasis ours:

"I'm no longer in Brooklyn," Kidd said. "Unfortunately they keep talking about it. I don't. I'll let them keep talking.

"Now if it was me and him playing 1-on-1 on the court, that would be fine."

Or said another way: I really don't care, but I'd shut him up for good if I beat him at this event I'm good at.

Kidd shouldn't assume it'll be an easy victory, though. Prokhorov has a four-inch height advantage and could shoot over him in the post. Good luck trying to stop Prokhorov's sky hook.