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The Celtics unveil hideous grey, sleeved uniforms

Boston, how could you let this happen?

The Boston Celtics, one of the proudest franchises in NBA history, unveiled their brand-new jerseys. They are grey and hideous:

adidas jersey 1

via adidas

What's up with these jerseys? Allow the Celtics' official press release to explain this travesty of a uniform:

The Parquet Pride jersey features a green and white Celtics wordmark on a grey background with parquet-inspired piping down the sides. The shorts also feature the parquet piping along with the Celtics new Lucky alternate logo on the waistband. Consistent with the other home and road jerseys, a gold patch showcasing the Larry O'Brien championship trophy, as well as "17x" which represents the franchise's league-record 17 titles, is featured on the back collar.

What does "parquet-inspiring piping" even mean? The Celtics' "new" lucky logo on the waistband looks like a poor excuse for Batman's utility belt. The dreary-grey shade and the sleeves, with all of the other weird intricacies, make this one of the ugliest NBA jerseys in rotation.

On the bright side, they'll only wear these atrocities six times. On the welp side, they'll wear them to commemorate six "historic" moments from franchise history. That's no way to honor the 25th anniversary of Larry Bird scoring 20,000 points, Boston.

boston jerseys 2