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Florida DT leaves Vanderbilt on bus to Gainesville after realizing he wasn't starting

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After realizing he wasn't in the lineup, senior DT Leon Orr got out of town instead of sticking around to play as a backup.

Strange news out of Nashville: Fifth-year Florida senior Leon Orr left the Gators after finding out he wasn't in the starting lineup, apparently heading back to Gainesville by himself on a bus while the team played Vanderbilt.

Via Florida's official athletic website:

After talking to head coach Will Muschamp, Orr opted to leave the team and return to Gainesville on a bus.

"He was more concerned with starting than being part of the team,'' Muschamp said.

This is weird on several levels. First of all, Orr wasn't a regular starter -- he'd started two games, but none of the past four -- but did play frequently. It's not like the starting snub was unexpected, and it's not like Orr wasn't a part of the team's game plan.

Secondly, it's weird that Florida is -- I swear, no pun intended -- throwing Orr under the bus like this. The Gators didn't have to put out a press release right before kickoff explaining that Orr had thrown a fit and left the team, complete with a disappointed quote from the head coach calling out a player for his selfishness. They could've just said that Orr wasn't with the team if anybody asked.

Third, dude took a bus? Did he take a waiting team bus back to Gainesville by himself? Did he go to the Nashville bus station, three miles away from Vandy's stadium, and embark on a 12-hour journey featuring a transfer at Atlanta?