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Raiders illegally throw ball to offensive lineman, who fumbles

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So much LOL Raiders in one play.

Derek Carr was in trouble, so he threw the ball to the first person he saw. That person was 320-pound offensive lineman Khalif Barnes, who is not allowed to catch the ball. It would have been best if he didn't:


If Barnes just let the ball hit the ground, it would've been an incompletion and the Raiders could've lived to fight another day. Instead, he caught it, which automatically turned into an illegal touching penalty. And then, instead of just going to the ground with the ball, he tried to run with it ... and fumbled. And the Broncos hopped on it.

John Fox made the easy decision to decline the penalty and keep the ball. The Broncos easily scored on the short field to make it 27-10.

On the plus side, the Broncos declining the penalty means this pass officially happened, so Khalif Barnes officially has a reception, the first of his career. Congrats, Khalif! (Of course, he also now has one career fumble, so, not everything is good.)

AND NOW THE BEST PART OF THE PLAY (via Twitter human being @xmasape)