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Packers block punt by kicking ball before Bears punter can

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This is the best block we've ever seen.


HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE, JARRETT BOYKIN? Sorry for the caps, they're kind of required here. We have never, ever seen anything like this. The closest was Jadeveon Clowney last year.

We'd feel bad for Chicago, but all of this is way too much fun.

Update: This didn't even count as a blocked punt! The ball never hit the punter's foot, so here's how the official game book will remember this astounding play.

P.O'Donnell to CHI 8 for -12 yards (J.Boykin). FUMBLES (J.Boykin), and recovers at CHI 8. P.O'Donnell to CHI 8 for no gain (J.Boykin).