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Kings fans heckle Jason Terry, who never played a game for them

Kings fans are really giving it to the Rockets' Jason Terry Thursday night. We've got "TERRY SUCKS!" chants:

Plus boos when he has the ball and cheers when he misses:

And why, you ask, do Kings fans care so much about Terry? It's a deep cut, but a recent one. Terry, as you may or may not recall, was traded from the Nets to the Kings right before the 2014 deadline. He never suited up for Sacramento, staying in Dallas to rehab his knee. Then, in the offseason, he went on the radio in Dallas to lightly criticize Sacramento's rebuilding strategy and question the "shaky" character of their star, DeMarcus Cousins. A month or two later, the Kings sent Terry to the Rockets in a cap-clearing move.

So, to recap: That's 0 games played, a couple 2014 paychecks collected, one star and one organization insulted, and one fanbase alienated in Terry's months-long Kings career. Pretty impressive!