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High school benchwarmer makes dramatic recruiting video

Meet THE LENIHAN FACTOR, who spends most of the game on the bench and one time had a ball thrown to him but dropped it and frantically tried to pick it up.

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Jack Lenihan is a 5'11, 145-pound backup wide receiver at Barrington High School in Illinois. Suffice it to say, college programs won't be knocking down his door to get him to play Division I football. But that didn't stop him from making a perfectly produced highlight reel.

It's got all the trappings of a blue chip recruit's reel: dramatic movement, the shadow pointing out the player to watch before every play -- except in Lenihan's case, he's on the sideline:

It's got slick graphics -- and a nickname!

He only gets on the field once -- and when he does, he drops a lightly tossed screen pass. DON'T COME HERE WITH THAT DII NONSENSE, THO:

Funny stuff from Lenihan. He's not the first to make a joke highlight video, but we still applaud the tremendous execution.


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