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The Braves made new stadium renderings ... and they're losing in them

The Braves released new renderings of SunTrust Park, their new stadium expected to open in 2017. Just one problem ...

Yup, in the Braves' idealized representation of their future stadium, where they had the opportunity to COMPLETELY MAKE UP AN IDEALIZED VERSION OF HOW EVERYTHING LOOKS SO IT'S AS GOOD AS IT CAN POSSIBLY BE, the Braves aren't even winning on the scoreboard. Let's zoom in:

If we had to guess, we'd guess the architecture firm in charge of making the rendering mocked up a scoreboard without realizing the home team is always on the bottom, maybe assuming that the Braves should come first. But it's still kind of funny that even in the team's wildest imagination, things didn't work out too well.

(UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, this scoreboard image was jacked directly from the Washington Nationals' scoreboard in a game between the Braves and Nationals... a game the Braves were actually winning. Why the architecture firm thought it was a good idea to jack another team's scoreboard and not change anything, who knows. Why they opted to obscure the part that showed that the Braves were actually winning... who knows.)