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Mark Cuban finalized the Rajon Rondo trade backstage at Stephen Colbert's farewell singalong

And other sports people were there, too!

The Mavericks' bold trade to acquire Rajon Rondo wasn't finalized in some conference room. No, Mark Cuban was backstage at this:

The Colbert Report finished a decade-long run in style, with a cameo-laden Randy Newman singalong followed by Stephen Colbert riding off on Santa's sleigh with a vaping Abraham Lincoln. And, as you can see, Cuban was one of the many celebrities to join the group.

There were more cameos than could even fit on your TV screen, but let's see how many sports people we can find:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!


Bob Costas with some movie and TV buddies (and uhhh hi Henry Kissinger)!


And there's Olbermann (with Big Bird and friends)!


Here's the full list of celebrities! I guess Ken Burns and Doris Kearns-Goodwin count, right?