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'Thursday Night Football: Saturday Edition' is the dumbest thing we've seen recently

It is not Thursday. It is not night. We acknowledge it is football. But that means you're 1-for-3.

Today is Saturday. Because the college football regular season is over, the NFL is playing a pair of games. The broadcast rights for these games fell to the NFL Network and CBS, the same pair of channels that broadcast Thursday Night Football. Therefore:


THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: SATURDAY EDITION does not make sense. Because, you know, just call it Saturday night football. I mean, it's not even night. It's bright out.

This would kinda make sense if Thursday Night Football was immensely popular, a beloved brand everybody across the country was passionate about and excited to see more of. But it's not, really. Everyone kinda hates Thursday Night Football. Players complain they only had three rest days and cite a higher risk of injury on short play. Although fans like an extra night of football, many notice that without a full week of practice, games are a bit sloppier. Everybody generally acknowledges that Thursday Night Football is just a way for the NFL to make more money. Why would you want to associate more football with something everyone hates?

We'd criticize CBS/NFL Network for being lazy and not making extra graphics... except they kinda did make extra graphic, just awkward Thursday Night Football Saturday Edition graphics:


(And why couldn't CBS just use the graphics they use from regular Sunday games, anyway?)

The upshot of this is everybody called it stupid, because it is stupid:

And they are still doing it. They're doing a little better we guess, at least the game is at night this time.

Good job, everybody.

Preseason brought us Monday Night Football: Thursday edition, but they didn't bill it like that, and we will cut them some slack because it was preseason.