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Air Force player 'rows the boat' after scoring vs. Western Michigan

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So much bad blood between Air Force and WMU.

Air Force went up 14 points with a 2-point conversion in the fourth quarter of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, and Jalen Robinette did this afterwards:



He's rowing a boat! I can think of one of two reasons:

1.) Because "Row The Boat" is WMU's self-given motto, even though their team name is Broncos, and Broncos cannot hold oars. This brief moment reminds us that even though it seems weird that the bowl system makes Western Michigan play Air Force in Boise, the competitive desire within these players makes it seem lke the most important thing in the world, and true animosity does develop.

2.) Air Force people HATE BOATS because planes > boats.

Honestly, I prefer the latter.