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Alex Rodriguez is at the Niners game, continuing Alex Rodriguez's Amazing Football Journey

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Alex Rodriguez has spent his time off from baseball being a fan of every football team. We don't blame him!

Alex Rodriguez showed up at tonight's Niners-Chargers game, rocking a Frank Gore jersey:

Hold on though -- wasn't A-Rod just at a Cowboys game a few weeks ago? Didn't he almost get knocked over by Tony Romo? Yeah, he was and he did:

And --

And w--

And of course, he is actually a Miami Hurricanes fan and has the school's baseball field named after him and nearly played QB for the Canes:

We're not criticizing A-Rod for being Baseball Drake. (In fact, even calling him that seems unfair -- it's not like he's been adopting fandoms, merely attending games.) We're just saying that if we were a hyperwealthy baseball player whose team just signed a player to play at his position and *STILL* will make $21 million next year (and $20 million after that, and the year after that) we'd probably spend our offseason making appearances on various football fields with special passes too. Do you, A-Rod.