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Frank Martin wears ugly Christmas sweater to coach game

Frank Martin yelled at refs and made Frank Martin faces while wearing a very silly item of clothing.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

People wear ugly Christmas sweaters at parties, people wear ugly Christmas for photo ops, people evenwear ugly Christmas sweaters to call NFL games. Frank Martin one-upped everybody by wearing one for a situation you're supposed to wear a suit and look serious and stuff.

(Photo credits: Jeff Blake, USA Today Sports)


He was joined by his coaching staff:

The game wasn't *that* serious: it was against DII Coker College, and the game was never really in doubt, with the Gamecocks easily winning 78-52.

What I like about all this is that even in a jolly sweater, Frank Martin looks like the same Frank Martin who yells at everybody about everything. His players and the refs had to take him seriously, in spite of his outfit.

Sadly, he couldn't pawn off the sweater on anybody despite his best efforts: