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Torii Hunter calls Twins' reporter a 'prick' for asking question

Now that wasn't very nice.

Torii Hunter is known for being all smiles and a joy for reporters, but it's not always smiles and it's not always to all reporters. If you ask Hunter about the wrong subject, he might get a little bit upset, even if it's in front of a large crowd during a press conference announcing his signing with the Twins.

Let's be fair to Torii for a moment. They aren't really baseball questions, and calling him out for his non-baseball opinions during a baseball press conference is going to get you exactly that response. Berardino took it well enough on his Twitter feed during the conference, at least, and stuck to the non-prick portions of Hunter's responses:

After listening to Curt Schilling awkwardly talk about things other than sports the last few weeks, you think we'd all be tired of asking athletes their opinions on matters other than what they're famous for.

We're sorry to tell you that MLB already edited out the Berardino portions of the press conference from their video, but if you want the rest, here you are.