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Spiteful Portland State player pulls fake handshake-steal-dunk move to seal 12-point loss

Just another day in the most vicious college basketball rivalry in the greater Portland area.

You can throw out the records when Portland and Portland State play! Although you'd be a jerk -- those records did nothing to hurt you. Anyway, with the Pilots up 14 on the Vikings, Portland's Alec Wintering was contentedly dribbling out the clock when he was approached for a handshake by Portland State's Bryce White.

But White actually had evil intentions: (We saw this on Deadspin)

White got himself a steal and a dunk to make the final score 83-71. Wintering's MEHHHHH was pretty great.

We're not going to accuse Bryce White of being part of a huge point-shaving scandal, but it's worth noting that the line for the game was Portland -12.5. So some sad soul who bet on Portland vs. Portland State lost and/or made money on White's sore loser moment.