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Jayson Werth is going to jail

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The Nationals slugger is going to spend 10 days in the slammer for driving too fast.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jayson Werth was pulled over for driving 105 miles per hour on the Capital Beltway recently, which is 40 miles over the speed limit, assuming he was in one of the new express lanes. I would like to think he was doing it in the middle of rush hour, driving on the shoulder and using K.I.T.T.-like technology to rocket-jump over slower cars. Either way, it sounds really dangerous and really stupid, and a judge agreed:

JAIL TIME. Athletes rarely see the inside of a jail for their transgressions. There must have been something about this situation that was especially egregious. Or maybe Werth just kept staring at the judge behind a pile of wiry fur on his face, and the judge became totally unsettled. Werth will spend 10 days in jail (170 days suspended), and he'll lose his license.

Apropos of nothing, there are some real hot takes on this Yelp review of the Capital Beltway:

The price I pay for such ingenuity is the price of 1 lane roads and mommy and daddy drivers that feel the need to go exactly the speed limit. My issue with these drivers is that they are sooo focused on trying not to go over the speed limit that they often end up going 5-10 miles below the speed limit.

Jayson Werth has your back, John N., don't you worry. Jayson Werth totally has your back.