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Washington fans chant for Robert Griffin III three weeks after chanting for Colt McCoy


This was the scene in Washington's Week 14 shutout at the hands of the Rams:

Better video of the chants is here. Fans were justified in wanting a change from Colt McCoy: he went 20-for-32 with 199 yards, no touchdowns (obviously, it was a shutout) and two interceptions.

One problem though: Y'all were doing this three weeks ago:

You've got two choices, Washington fans: chant the name of random people, or put your head in a flimsy paper bag like this guy. Neither will help. It seems like there's no good answer for this team, at quarterback or otherwise. The drama's fun, though.

To make matters worse, the Rams taunted Washington by putting the six players they acquired for RG3 as captains on the coin toss.